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LFZ Authentic Logo Porcelain items are hand painted and each of them has the original Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (LFZ) logo at the back.
Note: Because of the high demand and exclusivity, our inventory quickly sells out. Some of the items are selling while supplies last.


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All Cobalt Net

'Cobalt Net' Small Creamer
'Cobalt Net' Small Fruit Bowl
'Cobalt Net' Gravy Boat
'Cobalt Net' Sauce Jug
'Cobalt Net' Pepper Box
'Cobalt Net' Tooth Pick Holder
'Cobalt Net' Napkin Holder
'Cobalt Net' 3-Prong Candle Holder
'Cobalt Net' Ash Tray
Cobalt Net Spoon
'Cobalt Net' Dinner Bell
'Cobalt Net' Thimble
"Cobalt Net" Christmas Ball, 3"
'Cobalt Net' Candle Stick Holder
'Cobalt Net' Flower Vase
"Cobalt Net" Coaster, 3 1/4"

"Cobalt Net" Dinning Items

'Cobalt Net' Sauce Jug
'Cobalt Net' Gravy Boat
'Cobalt Net' Small Fruit Bowl
'Cobalt Net' Pepper Box
'Cobalt Net' Napkin Holder
'Cobalt Net' Dinner Bell
"Cobalt Net" Christmas Ball, 3"
'Cobalt Net' Tooth Pick Holder
'Cobalt Net' Ash Tray
'Cobalt Net' Flower Vase

Lomonosov Porcelain "Singing Garden" Dining Items

'Singing Garden' Oval Platter, 11"
'Singing Garden' Large Fruit Vase
Lomonosov Porcelain 'Singing Garden' Gravy Boat 400 gr
Lomonosov Porcelain "Singing Garden" Gravy Boat 200 gr
Lomonosov Porcelain "Singing Garden" Napkin Ring
'Singing Garden' Candle Stick Holder
'Singing Garden' Round Platter
'Singing Garden' Spice Set
'Singing Garden' Flower Vase
'Singing Garden' Small Fruit Vase
'Singing Garden' Soup Cup/Saucer
'Singing Garden' Soup Tureen

Coffee Sets

Coffee Sets - 3 Items
Cups with Saucers & Dessert Plates
Coffee Pots

Fine Bone China

'Roses Bouquet' Fine Bone China Espresso Set
'Chrysanthemum' Espresso Cup/ Saucer
'Spring Flower' Espresso Cup/ Saucer
'Branches', Espresso Cup/ Saucer
'Blue Bells' Espresso Cup/ Saucer
'Bouquet' Fine Bone China Cup & Saucer
'Stripes' Espresso Cup/ Saucer
'Dandelions' print Fine Bone China

Espresso Cups

'Little Bells' Fine Bone China
'Branches', Espresso Cup/ Saucer
'Spring Flower' Espresso Cup/ Saucer
'Blue Bells' Espresso Cup/ Saucer
"Bilibin" Espresso Cup and Saucer

Cups with Lid

Cups & Dessert Plates

'Guipure' Dessert Plate 7 1/4"
'Cherries' Dessert Plate
Golden Grass Dessert Plate, 6"
'Russian Lace' Desert Plate, 7"

Tea Mugs & Tumblers

Tea Pots

Tea Pot 'Country'
'Golden Leaves' Tea Pot
'Winding Twig' Large Tea Pot
"Pear" Tea Pot
Teapot "Forest Grass"

Coffee Sets - 3 Items

'Roses Bouquet' Fine Bone China Espresso Set

Cups with Saucers & Dessert Plates

WEB Espresso Cup & Saucer
'Blue Field' Cofee Cup & Saucer
'Cobalt Frieze' Coffee Cup & Saucer
'Cherries' Coffee Cup & Saucer.
'Green House' Coffee Cup & Saucer
"Night" Coffee Cup & Saucer

Coffee Pots

'Cobalt Frieze' Coffee Pot
'Golden Garden' Coffee Pot
'Green House' Coffee Pot
'Winter Evening' Coffee Pot

Collectible Figurines

Domestic Animals
Forest Animals
Exotic and Safari
Arctic and Sea
Other Collectibles

Items List by Sets

"Basket" Tea Set. Items List
"Cherries" Tea Set. Items List
"Cobalt Check" Tea Set. Items List
"Cobalt Check" Coffee Set. Items List
"Cobalt Frieze" Tea Set. Items List
"Cobalt Frieze" Coffee Set. Items List
"Evening Time" Tea Set. Items List
"Forget Me Not" Tea Set. Items List
"Golden Garden" Tea Set. Items List
'Golden Garden' Items List
Tea Set "Golden Grass". Items List
"Green House" Tea set. Items List
"Green House" Coffee Set. Items List
"Ring Bells" Tea Set. Items List
"Tendency" Tea Set. Items List
Tea Set "Todes". Items List
"Winter Evening" Tea Set. Items List
"Winter Evening" Coffee Set. Items List

Service Rating: Excellent
" I ordered a replacement for my Alaska purchase.. My beautiful coffee pot broke in an accident. They were very accommodating. Returned my phone call by the next day answering my questions. "
Barbara Loeding
Service Rating: Excellent
"The items were even more beautiful in person. Each one was wrapped and in a securely placed in individual boxes to insure that they would arrive in pristine condition. ... I will order from them again, mainly because these items are from St. Petersburg, Russia. I traveled there and just returned. It was cheaper and safer for me to order from them than to try and have them shipped back or take on the plane with me. "
William Yancey
Service Rating: Excellent
"My items arrived well protected and in excellent shape. I was very satisfied with my purchase experience."
Julia A. Carlson
Service Rating: Excellent
"To whom it may concern Service was Great. we will deal with this company again. thank you to everybody involved. "
E&A Canada Elina Linetsky
Service Rating: Excellent
"Awesome product and service in every way! Thanks! "
Thomas M Shaughnessy
Service Rating: Excellent
"Will definitely buy from again. Olga in customer service was especially helpful. "
Patricia Smith
Service Rating: Excellent "Lomonosov Porcelain has always been an excellent merchant in my dealings with them "
Wilma Trailor
Service Rating: Excellent "Overall, I am very satisfied and I am looking forward to make more purchases from this merchant."
Eric Benson
Service Rating: Excellent
Lorraine Leeds
Service Rating: Excellent
"Ordering from Lomonosov Porcelain & Christian Goods Store is always an easy good experience. The quality of service is good as well as their products. I keep their internet address handy to use whenever I want to browse their store. "
Joy Huddleston
Service Rating: Excellent
"Very positive experience and product satisfaction. Only suggestion would be when they say that something is sold out that you recently purchased, they should let you know if it's back ordered or if they will no longer carry the product. I would like to by additional pieces of the product I ordered, but at this point, I don't know if or when they might be available. Thank you."
Joseph Bell
Service Rating: Excellent
"Wonderfully easy and convenient to deal with from start to finish. Lightening fast processing of my orders!! Highly recommended retailer."
Vicki Edwards
Service Rating: Excellent
"Product was well described on web site --- got exactly what I ordered. Rec'd my product on the day promised. I know shipping takes time --- I highly value predictability."
Jose F Mauricio
Service Rating: Excellent
"Very pleased with the whole transaction. Couldn't ask for any better service. Thank you. "
Joy Huddleston
Service Rating: Excellent   "My experience has been wonderful. When I contacted customer service ... they immediately responsed and shipped a replacement to me - hassle free. "
Chalette Griffin
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Lomonosov Porcelain
Lomonosov Porcelain is the first and the most famous Russian porcelain manufacturer. It was Tsar Peter the Great's big dream to produce Russia's own porcelain.
In 1744 his daughter Empress Elizabeth established the first porcelain factory in St. Petersburg, Russia.
266 years have passed - 266 years of unique, remarkable, difficult and highly interesting history for the first Russian porcelain manufactory.
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